A look at Skuna Bay farm-raised salmon with chef Ian Gresik of Drago Centro

According to a recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health, the ingestion of red meat can cause a 13% greater chance of premature death. Now with that in mind, consumers may feel at ease shifting their meat focus to seafoods like salmon, which can be one of the healthiest types of fish for consumption. But not all salmon are created equal. Yes, created (housed in controlled farms across the country). Majority of the salmon Americans consume are farm raised, grown in pens near the ocean. Public attention has focused on aquacultural operations that are environmentally inefficient, but there is a new salmon farm that is seeking more sustainable ways to raise their salmon. It is endorsed by L.A. chefs like Mezze’s Micah Wexler, Little Dom’s and Dominick’s Brandon Boudet, and Drago Centro‘s Ian Gresik. Skuna Bay was launched in Los Angeles this past November. It is available through Santa Monica Seafood, their distributor. We sat down with chef Ian Gresik where he answered our questions about Skuna Bay. Read More

Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival returns in August

If you were unable to attend the inaugural Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival this past October, don’t worry, it’s back. Scheduled for August 9 – 12, the return of the Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival to L.A. Live and other various cities in Los Angeles County, anticipates yet another star studded week long exhibition of culinary, beverage, and entertainment talent. Presented by Food and Wine magazine, the Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival carries on the tradition of Wolfgang Puck’s American Wine and Food Festival while benefiting St. Vincent’s Meals on Wheels. Last year’s event brought $4.9 million to the L.A economy while presenting $400,000 to the Meals on Wheels program. Tickets go on sale April 2012.

The return of Breakfast in Beverly Hills

Returning for its fourth year is Breakfast in Beverly Hills. From March 1st to June 30, visitors who stay two to three nights at one of the 8 select Beverly Hills Hotels will receive a night free. For participating guests, each hotel will also be offering complimentary breakfast for each day of their stay, available anytime, any place – within the hotel property of course, and accommodates dietary needs. Read More