City Tavern's chef Jessica Christensen and her craft beer pairings

After being inspired by a man that cooked food at San Quentin State Prison, Jessica Christensen decided to try her hands in the culinary world. After years of working in fine dining establishments like the Ritz Carlton and the Montage, chef Jessica now has a place she calls home. City Tavern is located in downtown Culver City and has been around for less than a year, but Jessica has already made quite the reputation for her dinner pairings with beers from local breweries. Read More

Mr. C's new Italian tapas and cocktails menu, Tar & Roses opening plans

Mr. C Beverly Hills, new Italian tapas and cocktails menu starts at 5 PM with a selection of three “Cicchetti” appetizers or four varieties of cheeses and charcuteries for $35 per person, which includes an “Aperitif” drink.

Chef Andrew Kirschner‘s new neighborhood restaurant Tar & Roses, Santa Monica, plans to open in late November or December is described as “at once rustic and elegant, simple and complex, masculine and feminine.” Read More