Get your crab on – Dungeness Crab Fair at Chaya Venice

If you love eating crab but hate working for it – not a problem, Chaya Venice is doing the work for you! Kicking off this week at Chaya Venice is the Dungeness Crab Fair from October 24 to November 6. For the next two weeks, Executive Corporate Chef Shigefumi Tachibe – whose formal culinary training in French technique began at age 15, has created a six item savory Dungeness crab dinner menu in addition to the regular fare at Chaya Venice.

Chaya Venice

110 Navy St.
Venice, CA 90291

Dungeness Crab Fest
October 25 - November 6


Crabby menu

As the Dungeness crab season closes so does the season come to a peak, as chef Tachibe tells us, that’s when “the crab tastes better.” Sourcing from crab purveyors in San Francisco and Washington, Tachibe’s menu focuses on Euro-Asian flavors accentuating the mighty crustacean. Menu items include:

  • Crab Tamale – a crab veloute served with a shishito pepper pesto.
  • Crab Bisque “Hot Pot” – Not a shabu shabu style hot pot, but rather a chicken stock based bisque with hints of curry, lemon grass, and coconut milk. Inside you will find a variety of vegetables such as diced potatoes and pieces of shitake mushroom. The pot is topped with a freshly baked piece of puff pastry and a small mountain of Dungeness crab meat.
  • Fingerling Potato Tower – A creamy potato dish that is wrapped with Japanese cucumber and topped with a freshly prepared crab salad. Served with Aji Amarillo [a Peruvian chili] aioli and basil oil.
  • Crab Asian Crepe – Reminiscent of an Okanamiyaki but less eggy and more crispy – the delicate Crab Asian Crepe consists of a savory blend of jalapeno, onion, and crab served with a Thai red curry sauce, micro cilantro, and slices of raw, ripe, red jalapeno for a sweet and spicy kick.
  • Braised Short Rib & Risotto – Braised short rib in a pinot noir and soy sauce mixture. Served alongside a light crab and asparagus risotto with the use of 9 grain Japanese rice instead of standard Arborio rice and garnished with fresh arugula and thinly sliced carrot.
  • Gnocchi – Fluffy Yukon potato gnocchi over sautéed spinach, fresh crab, and buffalo ricotta and garnished with micro greens. Served with a sweet and creamy pumpkin coconut milk lemongrass sauce.

Seasonal thirst

At Chaya Venice, the cocktail menu also has seasonally created items. The Fall inspired drinks include “Thin Mint” made with Crème d’ Menthe, Crème Cacao, fresh brewed coffee and whipped cream; and “The Hot Teddy,” a riff on the classic “Hot Toddy”- a blend of Bushmills Black Bush, fresh squeezed lemon and honey. Happy hour specials are also available from 5 PM – close.

Photography provided by Natalie M. Woyshner

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